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The Advantages of buying a Yacht in Europe:

Lower acquisition cost

The primary reason why Americans buy in Europe is to save money. There are several reasons why yachts in Europe often cost less than in the USA: Fluctuations in exchange rates, tighter dealer margins, supply and demand differences due to market conditions, and brand image. For an elaboration on these factors please call us at +1-727-261-1952

Accessibility to more competent crews

Accessibility to more competent crews If you are buying a bigger yacht, and you do not already have a crew, availability in Europe exceeds what we have in the USA, especially if you are looking for crew with the appropriate licenses in order to reduce your insurance expenses. Due to the short season in the Mediterranean, after September, you will find an abundance of qualified crew very willing to work in the Western Hemisphere.

Cruising Med before shipping yacht to USA

If you have not yet cruised the Med, you should take the opportunity to do so. In April and May, hundreds of Americans ship their yachts to the Med at great expense to spend 3 months cruising in the world’s premium cruising ground. Over the last 25 years, more than 70% of our clients have spent any where from 2 weeks to 1 year in the Med before shipping their yacht to the USA.

Less expensive refits

On older and bigger yachts, refits are necessary before you can enjoy your new yacht. The cost of refits can be substantial, and the cost of a refit is dependent on location, location, and location. In France and Italy, expect to pay US prices. In Greece, you will pay 30% less and in Turkey, 50% less.

Availability of models unavailables in USA

Availability of Models Unavailable in the USA Supply and demand of a yacht brand/ model/size varies enormously by country. This is particularly a factor dealing with mega yachts that are over 40 meters (130’). Whereas you will find many American brands such as Trinity, Westship, and Hatteras in the USA, if you are looking for a Mangusta, Feadship, or a Heesen, chances are you will be obliged to buy in Europe.

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Common Pitfalls of Buying Yachts in Europe

Misunderstanding the negotiation process

Negotiating the purchase of a yacht in Europe is different than in the USA and varies depending on the country. In southern Europe, haggling is the norm. Northern Europe is more like the USA but be careful about shaking hands and agreeing to a price. Verbal agreements witnessed by a third party are binding! Also, the standard purchase and sale agreement is the MYBA and does not have the same buyer protections as the YBAA or FYBA. More on that below.

Signing foreign purchase and sale agreements

Our advice, just say NO. You’re the buyer so you can use any agreement form you want. The buyer is always at a disadvantage in the buying process because the seller is in situ and knows more about the local laws and his/her yacht than you will, even after a survey.

Escrowing funds in foreign banks

Don’t do it. Even if everything is above board, it will cost you time and additional expenses. The common currency in Europe is the Euro or the British Pound and yachts are quoted in those two currencies. Your average US bank will charge you 1% to convert dollars to those currencies. If the deal doesn’t go through, you will have to convert your escrow back to dollars…another 1%. We have a solution for this…

Hiring local marine surveyors

Paying surveyor airfares and hotel expenses is safer than relying on a marine surveyor who happens to be nearby. Like any other profession, marine surveying expertise is not evenly distributed by geography. It’s also less likely that a surveyor you fly in has any relationship with the seller.

Paying unnecessary taxes and duties

The VAT (value added tax) is common to all EU countries and hovers around 20%. You never have to pay this with two exceptions: if the seller has not paid it and it’s overdue or if you keep your new yacht longer than 18 months in EU waters. Avoid buying a yacht with VAT paid! You will pay more than if it is unpaid and exported.

Overpaying electrical conversion

The only difference between European and USA power is 10 Hertz. Hertz only affects motors that use AC power. European 50 Hertz motors will run 17% faster in the USA. Does that make a difference? Yes, for certain appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) but No for most other electrical equipment. For more info

Overpaying shipment of yacht to USA

The sticker price of shipping a yacht to the USA is oftentimes 30-40% more than the negotiated price. How to negotiate, when to negotiate, and during which season to ship are all critical to obtain the best shipping price. Since there is very little competition in this yacht transport industry, you cannot simply get 3 quotes and take the best one.

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